Admission Process

  1. An information form and application for admission is obtained from the Khpal Kor office or downloaded from the website.
  2. Guardian of the child fills the form and attests it from a class one officer.
  3. A three-member committee of the Swat Scouts Open Group visits the child's town/village to verify the information provided. The committee presents the report to the Khpal Kor Foundation which then decides whether the child deserves to be admitted in Khpal Kor. Sometimes information about the child is also collected through the police department.
  4. Khpal Kor children are given admission according to the following rules and conditions.
    1. Age: 5 to 10 years
    2. Affected by disasters (Conflict/ Flood etc)
    3. Both parents are deceased.
    4. Father is deceased.
    5. After father’s death mother has remarried.
    6. Father is disabled by birth or accident and cannot support his child.