Background of the Khpal Kor Foundation "KKF"

Resolved to serve their country and their people, on September 6th, 1986, a group of enthusiastic and energetic scouts in the Swat District founded the Swat Scouts Open Group in Mingora, Swat. Recognizing the absense of adequate provision of social and public services, the young spirited scouts group began to actively engage in a wide range of activities including: hospital service, tree plantation, pilgrimage programs, health and cleanliness initiatives, campaigns against illiteracy, celebration of religious and cultural holidays, blood donation campaigns, traffic control, calamities response, and anti-narcotics campaigns. While playing an active role in the improvement of their community, they continued their scouting activities, and participated with full spirit and zeal in all provincial and national scout events.

A survey conducted by the Swat Scouts Open Program discovered that there were 10 orphans in each of the 20 villages randomly surveyed, implying an approximate 5,200 helpless orphan children in the 520 villages across the Swat District. While a majority of the orphans identified had a deceased father and a living mother, some had been bereaved of both parents. Even where the mother was alive, she was found in most cases to be unable to provide for her children. In the absence of proper supervision and lack of productive opportunities, a large number of the orphaned children were found to be subjected to child labor and child abuse, engaged in drug addiction and other harmful activities.

To address this rapidly deteriorating situation, in a meeting of the Youth Forum of the Swat Scouts Open Group held in September 1996, the group members decided to establish an orphanage for the welfare and education of the orphan and helpless children of Mingora. The idea was materialized in the shape of Khpal Kor (My Home) in October 1996, which was formally registered with the Department of Social Welfare in 1998 under the Registration Act of 1961. Starting with only five children, the orphanage soon grew in capacity to hold twenty-four children providing room, board, and education to its young residents. Recognizing the work of the Khpal Kor foundation, in March 2001, the then government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa allotted a plot of four (4) canals adjacent to the twenty-five canal playground and gymnasium at Makan Bagh, Mingora. Within a short period of time a large building was erected on the said plot, which in addition to housing the orphanage, also established the Khpal Kor Model School. With the help of the foundation and its generous donors, the number of orphan children has since steadily increased. Other than the orphan children who reside in the complex and study at the school free of cost, quality education is also provided to select highly qualified children from poor families from the region at a reasonable fee. Continue Reading...