With the Grace of Allah Almighty, Khpal Kor Foundation KKF (a non-profitable organization) is providing free education, boarding and lodging facilities to the orphans (male / female) in separate Boys / Girls Campuses with aim that this a “cherished goal” and to provide quality education to the community children as well. In the initial years after its inception, the 22 orphan children of Khpal Kor would go to different private schools. Soon after, the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa allotted a 4 canal land adjacent to Form Ground in Makanbagh for the construction of a Khpal Kor Model School. Construction for the school building was inaugurated by Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Syed Iftikhar Hussain Shah. With the grace of Almighty a state-of-the-art building was completed in a short span of 11 months with the support of the local community. The building was designed with the goal of providing standard education free of cost to 600 orphan children and at a small fee to 1040 children from the community. Despite the meager resources, within a short time span the school was able to win a place of pride and prestige in the education arena of the entire The KKF in its educational projects “Khpal Kor Model School & College” adapted the cause with a vision of providing quality education to as many children as possible with acceptable charges to the community approachable to the masses, their nominal fee charges are for the sustainability of these Campuses. This concept now need to be expanded to other parts of the district in order to achieve the goal, a separate campus is supposed to be built in Matta (Upper Swat) in near future, the plot for which has been donated by the local philanthropist which is highly appreciated by all concern. Our other achievement includes the starting of a separate Girls Campus in Gulkada in February 2012 where the female orphans are placed, which is daring in nature to provide quality education with boarding and lodging facilities to the girls orphans till their orphanage, all this is possible with experience of successful running of our KMS Boys Campus since 2002. Certainly all these are only possible with Immense Guidance of Allah Almighty to the KKF/KMS hard-workers. Ultimately, the contributions of these individuals has found a team of dedicated members with missionary zeal, working day and night to bring the social and behavior changes on every level in the society with the strong support to the orphans, poor and needy children. The team wishes to bring the desire changes in society particularly in the behaviors of the youngsters in order to prepare good citizens well equipped with religious, ethical and cultural values and beneficial nation to the motherland Pakistan.AIMS & OBJECTIVES1) To educate the accommodated orpan children of the Khpal Kor Foundation free of cost. 2) To educate th comunity children for a subsidized monthly fee. 3) To erase socio-economic distinctions between the community and orphan children.