A student of Khpal Kor Foundation becomes an engineer!

Zeshan Khaliq's father, Mr. Fazal Khaliq, was one of the founding members of Khpal Kor Foundation and was a primary school teacher by profession. He could barely meet the needs of his family on his low teacher's salary and would work as a rice cook in weddings part time to make ends meet. Despite his meager resources, he would regularly pay Rs. 50 per month to Khpal Kor Foundation and was actively involved in the welfare of the orphan children of Khpal Kor.

When Fazal Khaliq passed away from a heart attack, his son Zeshan Khaliq's educational expenses were afforded by the Khpal Kor Foundation. Last year Zeshan Khaliq completed a Diploma in Civil Engineering. The Foundation connected him to Zahid Iqbal the regional manager of Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP) who appointed Zeshan as the sub- engineer in SRSP on a month salary of Rs. 40,000.

In this way Mr. Zeshan Khaliq was able to become a supporter and sustainer of his family in the absence of his father and can now easily provide for his brothers and sisters education.